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Southern Utility Partners is an engineering, sales, and service organization dedicated to providing all Southeastern Electric Utilities and Independent Distributors with high-quality products and deliverables, on time, at reasonable and competitive prices. We do this with a strong knowledge base and a belief in developing and sustaining customer relationships. Our confidence and trust in the manufacturing organizations we represent and the products they supply to our customers could not be higher.  Our engineering team and sales staff are fully qualified through education as well as work and business experience. We understand the needs of our customers and manufacturers, and we strive to meet the needs of both with the highest quality of service and business integrity. Please contact us to get acquainted. 

The following companies are included in our growing list of manufacturers:


SCOTT Engineering

Medium voltage pad mounted switch gear and overhead capacitor banks.



Auto reclosing circuit breakers.


Dynamize tools

The Ripjack strips the outer jacket off stranded URD primary cable safely, efficiently and easily. No blades!



Innovative electrical test and measurement instruments.


Advanced Rubber Products

Hi-Voltage Polymer Distribution & Transmission Insulators.



Signs, tags and markers.
(Telecommunications and C&I Markets only.)

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